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New Thinking - Thailand Travel Series Part 2 - Pattaya

Pattaya (city of joy and fun)

I still remember the day the first time when I went to Pattaya about which I always listen from others and saw in videos. Now it was my turn to enjoy this liberal place. I told my loved ones that I am going Pattaya some of them said Pattaya, Is this a place for females? I told them why shouldn’t me. We are living in the 21st century. Why there is still a differentiation between a Male and a Female?

I removed the Taboos

The first time when I went to Pattaya it was around 10 P.M when my flight landed on Bangkok airport as it was my first international tour I was totally filled with enthusiasm even after a long journey. I hired a taxi from the airport to Pattaya city. On the way when I was in a taxi looking at everything my right and left from the windows on roads. What did I found? Differently made the architecture of roads, shops, houses I never saw this kind of building making systems in my country. Roads were very wide no horn noises only silently moving traffic was there which made my two-hour journey comfortable. As a newborn child, I was looking outside the taxi. I was feeling this is the first day of my life after birth everything was looking new and I wanted to see them. After two hours I reached Pattaya city. It was night time but people were hanging here and there on roads. All the roads were decorated with lights it filled my heart with illumination. Glowing beauty of roads, big hotels, houses increasing curiosity in me to know more about this city. After some time I reached my Hotel. It was night time approx..12 a.m but I didn’t want to waste my night I got fresh and ready to go on the beach road near the seaside. What I saw there….. loud music, pool bars, and sounds of joy. A beach road I saw in a small sitting place some boys and girls were playing pool games and shouting in joy. As much the journey of Bangkok to Pattaya was silent more then this place was noisy but these noisy things made me happy. I was totally amazed to see the style of people enjoying their time. I returned back to the hotel.

Day 1 in Pattaya city

I got ready to visit famous Ripley's and believe it or not. My hotel was near the beach road so it was easy for me to reach there. I took a baht bus. It charged only 10 THB from me and I reached on my destination. This place was situated in a mall. A lot of fun activities were here for kids and youngsters. In Ripley’s, I took my pictures with world-famous personalities like USA President Mr.Donald trump, Britney spears, Mahatma Gandhi, and queen of Britain it was a good experience I felt. Another activity I did in believe it or not. It was very “SCARY”. When I had entered the ghost house I was thinking it couldn’t be that much SCARY but when I went more inside I was shouting because the place was totally dark no lights at all and there were ghosts coming from anywhere. some horrible organized events were there to make our hearts horrified. I was thinking about how much time it will take to complete because I was totally afraid of this activity. It took approximately 20 minutes to complete. But it was a dare activity to do. In the evening time, I went south Pattaya and took famous THAI FOOT MASSAGE. The lady who gave me foot massage really made me felt sleepy. My all tiredness had gone. It was a one hour massage totally worth to pay for this. I got the energy to walk miles away on my foot. I was searching for a vegetarian restaurant there then I found “chotiwala” a vegetarian restaurant. I took my dinner there which was really very tasty. All the Indian food items which were I ordered there were very delicious. After taking food it was time for a walk I again went to the beach road and walked on the sides of the road. Loud music of some stage performers near the sea and cool breeze gave me relief to my mind.

Day 2 in Pattaya city

On the second day, I was feeling a little lazy and wanted to chill in a swimming pool. Before swimming, I took my breakfast in the hotel. A big range of Thai fruits was there. Milk, juices, bread, butter, jam but I took some fruits and milk only. After this, I enjoyed in the hotel’s swimming pool. some kids were swimming near me I played with them. I spend 2 hours there. I went market near my hotel and bought some Neckpieces, Earrings and bought two dresses from a Mall. That day I decided to go for a party at night. It was the next attraction of Pattaya City named as Walking Street”. At night after 10 P.M, this place became very lively. I had listened a lot about the nightlife of Pattaya. It was really according to the stories which I listened to earlier... I realized why more male travelers visit this city. A large number of Go GoBars, Discos, Massage Parlours, Karaoke, and Carbet shows made the night happening in Pattaya city. I felt it was a different world. I went to a Go-Go bar. Some Thai girls were doing a pole dance in an attractive costume. There were 14 beautiful girls in front of me on the dance floor. I felt that I am in “Heaven” and I am a queen. I took some mocktails and enjoyed their dance for some time... Then I went into another GO-GO bar. I had great fun there. Where did my night go? I hadn’t any idea of a night at 4 A.M I came back to my room. I enjoyed “walking street” a lot. These were unforgettable moments for me.

Day 3 in Pattaya city

Early in the morning, I reached Pattaya beach where a ferry for “Coral Island” was waiting. which was arranged for a group of tourists by some tour organizers I had already paid for this. It took hardly one hour to reach on Island. What did I saw? An Island with white sand and crystal clear water. The water was really blue. I enjoyed swimming in this water. Other tourists were also enjoying around me. Small kids were playing with sand. But after taking bath humid environment and shiny sunrays irritated me. One thing I forgot was my sunscreen cream and I got totally tanned. You must take it with you. It was a little bit crowded. At 4 P.m I returned back and took my lunch. As there were no lunch facilities were there. I found only fruits and mango shake there. If you are visiting there have some food then go on this Island or take some food with you. In the evening time, I went to Terminal 21… yes, it was in Pattaya also. This was more beautiful than Bangkok Terminal 21. I visited the whole mall what I found things were very expensive I didn’t buy anything. The sun went down and I felt that I was hungry. So I found Emily restaurant in terminal 21. I bought a plate of “Chole Bhature” for 500 tbh. I was thinking that time “how much chole Bhature” can be expensive outside India. Haha as we can buy this in India only in 60-70 rs. Per plate. But I paid there approximately 1000rs. For this. The taste of the food was good. I took some pictures in the mall and back to my place at night.

Day 4 in Pattaya

Again I felt that I need to go to a party and I went for Disc this night. All the amazing discs were in “Walking Street”. It was also a day I wanted to make memorable by listening to music and dance. Tony Disc was the very first I had seen in my life. Firstly I took a seat on the disc and listened to music it was good. Then I spend some time there and moved on the next disc named “Nasha” Awsome music was playing thereby D.j and I danced there on some of my favorite songs like----- Mujhe naulakha dila de, lehnga, apni to jaise taise golden songs of Bollywood. There is another disc says as”glasi” subsidiary of Nasha disc. D.J of both the discs played amazing Indian songs to dance. The night was going to be over and I was singing the song( ude dil befikre) in walking street... Really the night was very tension-free for me I had never done this kind of “befikri”in my life. But that night is still memorable for me. What happened with a wife, girl, mom, or daughter-in-law she has to take care of all so she felt herself in unrest position all the time. As I am performing all the roles I am also in the same position but that night made me feel that I can enjoy the world. It was a magical night I spend in this city.

In the same street, karaoke was there. Western singers performed all night. Some street performers were also dancing there as we have seen in movies. They performed very nice I clapped for them. Around 4 A.M I came back to my room.

Day 5 in Pattaya City

The Pattaya city was vast for me a lot of things were in the queue to visit there but I hadn’t that much of time. So I went to the “MINI SIAM”. I had bought tickets for 300 Baht. MINI SIAM was a prestigious Place. I went in the evening time there so I had seen the beauty of this place with a lot of lights. Mini Siam displayed small sculptures of famous places in different countries. This place was built with great Architecture knowledge. I feel that I was visiting different countries in one day. Mini Siam has great pros that it occupies a large area to display the bridges, Egypt, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc. After visiting the place I had some refreshments from the restaurant situated inside MINI SIAM. The whole place was very hygenic and it was worth it to go there. At a single place, I got the satisfaction of visiting famous places in the world. All the wonders were available in a single place.

Day 6 in Pattaya city

This morning I was thinking that….O God this is the last day of my tour. I was a little bit sad. But very soon I got some energy not to waste my time. That day I reached “SWISS SHEEP FARM”. When I saw this place I felt that I wasted my time but when I explore it my opinion suddenly changed as the small kid which is in my heart awaked here. I enjoyed by doing some swing rides there. It was not crowded so I was running here and there like a kid in the farm. I gave some food to the sheep and carrots to the rabbits. Mini Europe was also looking beautiful. I spend only one hour there. After this, I visited the “TIGER PARK”. I didn’t have dare to click the pictures with Tiger so I was just roamed outside the tiger cage. Some of the visitors were buying tickets and entered inside the cage and clicked their pictures with big tigers and cubs. It was a small park. I got some extra time to visit other places in Pattaya city. ÁRT IN PARADISE was one of them. More than a hundred spectacular paintings were there. I was feeling how much creativity God filled in the human's hand and mind. This museum was divided into different zones. I liked Mirage the most. The optical illusion was big fun for me. I capture some pictures of it. Then I went to see “scantury of truth”.It was a very nice temple of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. This temple made my soul filled with breathtaking rest. It had shown how life is made up of (air, water, fire, wind, earth). After visiting the temple I came back in the evening and took some rest in my room. I took some snacks and tried to regenerate myself because it was the last night of me in this city. I was making myself ready to enjoy some more beautiful moments. I took a bath and recharged again and went outside the hotel. As the night goes on this place becomes more glowing. The lively night attractions made me feel to enjoy them again for the last time. So I went to the walking street there was a shack it was on the sea. Some girls were doing pole dance. Reflection of lights on seawater made the place very perplexing. The same night I went to the disco and danced there on Indian songs. It was at about 3 a.m. I took my dinner yes it was very late. But I capture a lot of beautiful moments in my eyes. I came back and sleep.

End of my Pattaya journey Day 7

I got up early as I had a flight that day I packed my bags and made myself ready to leave the place. It was the time to said “goodbye” to this beautiful city. But I made a collage of magical moments which I spent in this city.

Every woman who is reading this blog I see myself in her and tried to make them feel they can also enjoy the world. I am not saying to deny your responsibilities but try to get some time for your own. This world has vast opportunities for you to make yourself happy.

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