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New Thinking -Thailand Travel Series Part 1- Bangkok

Pandemic and Peace of mind ( I am writing this blog in June 2020, absolutely safe and sound in COVID-19😷 Outbreak. This is my Travel Experience from the last year 2019).

This blog is to memorize and share my best views on traveling to Thailand. I urge and request everyone to kindly be safe in this COVID-19 😷pandemic and take care of you and your loved ones. Cheers!

Today we all are suffering from the COVID-19😷 pandemic situation which is a mental pressure on human being’s minds. so, we should make ourselves happy by doing those things which we really want to do only then we can get some peace. Now if I want to tell about me, I am fond of traveling like all other humans but this is not the right situation to go anywhere so today I am going to share with you my last tour to Thailand memories and my experiences of this country.

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Most of us who are willing to go on an International tour which should be pocket friendly will definitely choose this country to go. This country always welcomes tourists from different parts of the world. In this big world, people have the choice to spend their quality time with their loved once at a place where they can get peace and fun. So Thailand fulfills both the conditions, here you can get peace as well as Entertainment for you. Let's see how many places in Thailand are waiting for you.


It is the capital of the country. Bangkok is a place where shopping-lovers always wants to go. A number of markets are organized here on weekdays where you can get good quality things at cheap prices. Historical places and temples are also attractions of this city. A list of places is where you can visit.

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There is a river that flows through Bangkok. The name of the river is “Chao Phraya River”. In Thailand, this river is translated as “River of Kings”. If you want to ride on a boat then 15 to 20 THB fare You have to pay and can enjoy it. There is a river that flows through Bangkok. The name of the river is “Chao Phraya River”. In Thailand, this river is translated as “River of Kings”. If you want to ride on a boat then 15 to 20 THB fare You have to pay and can enjoy it.

  • Chatuchak Market: This market is very large whatever you think to purchase can get here like clothes, accessories, handicrafts, toys, table lamps, vase, antiques everything is present here. People who are food lovers can get Thai street food at this place. Customers who are interested to buy electronic things can do their purchasing at this market and prices are very pocket friendly. If you are buying things in bulk you can get good discounts also. This market is also known as the JJ market. There are thousands of stalls and it is divided into 27 sections. It provides you an opportunity to buy things at the best prices.

  • Wat-Pho Temple: In Bangkok lord, Buddha temples are very famous. One of them is the Wat pho temple. In this temple, Buddha statues are presented in a unique way like 46m long reclining Buddha which looks really pretty. These pictures will really make you feel good. Great peace of mind can make anyone feel better.

Rules for visiting the Temple: Everyone has to wear full covered clothes to visit this temple as Thailand tradition thinks this is the disrespect. Western clothes, shorts, tank tops, sleeveless are strictly prohibited.

  • Grand Palace: The main tourist attraction Which is the historical place is the Grand Palace. The architecture of this palace will make you amazed. One who wants to visit this Palace have to cover their arms and legs fully otherwise you can’t enter in this Palace. Because this is the tradition of the Palace. But do not panic you can get clothes before entering this Grand Palace. As shorts are not allowed to wear their according to them it shows no respect for the place. Grand Palace is not only a single structure building. It has multiple halls, lawns, buildings. Basically it has a compound structure. Inside this Palace, many offices of government are situated. It is partially open for the public as a museum. As the Chao Phraya river flows near it which built an eye-catching scenery. So then get ready with your cameras to capture the beauty.

  • Floating Market: The Floating market could be a new experience to see the market in a new way. Fruits and vegetables, antiques, craft things for decoration purpose you can get here. In floating, market massage options are also available to get rid of your tiredness. This market is very attractive and has a great scope to do photography. There are floating markets out of the city about 50 to 80 kilometers from the city. As these markets are situated outskirts of the city so you have to hire a taxi to reach a particular floating market the names are the Taling chan floating market, Bang Nam Pheung market, The Kha floating market, etc. Every market has its own specialty to enjoy.

Terminal 21 Mall: This mall is different from other modern malls situated in big cities as you can visit Tokyo, London, Paris, France in this mall. Basically this mall is based on themes of the famous city of the world and you can see the different country-style markets into this mall. Some Indian movies shooting had also done in this mall. Many international brands have their showrooms in this mall like Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Paul, Boot, and so many other brands too. So that shopping in this Mall could be expensive. Home decor, clothing, toys for kids, electronic items, beautiful cottage, etc. are displayed in this Mall for foreign customers. Selfie lovers can easily get fine locations at this place as so many statues are made here for decoration purposes. Mobile phone charging stations also organized in the mall. I really liked the Eiffel Tower Model in this mall.

Rivers of the king-“Chao Phraya”: This is the famous river of Bangkok. It is also known as rivers of the king. This river shows its breathtaking views at night. Dinner on a cruise can organize to spend your precious moments as well a boat ride in the day time. The Spectacular views around the cruise make you feel peace in the environment. The scenery from far away from “Wat Arun” temple” Grand Palace” is really amazing to see. It means that this river provides you an opportunity to see all the Bangkok attractions at night in their glooming views.

IN short, Bangkok has a vast place to visit it is not easy to tell you in words how much anyone can enjoy here.

There are more to go in my Thailand web blog series..., To be continued...

"This blog is to memorize and share my best views on traveling to Thailand. I urge and request everyone to kindly be safe in this COVID-19😷 pandemic and take care of you and your loved ones. Cheers!"

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