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Good news on COVID 19 (INDIA) - Happy Festivals and Happy New Year 2021

Today morning when I got up and was having my cup of coffee & listened to news on television - that there is "good news" on coronavirus - the spread of this virus rate is going down day by day. A seven members committee was organized by the DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. According to these experts, India proceeded from the hike of coronavirus cases in September. If Indians follow the current tendency of social distancing, washing hands regularly, and using sanitizers properly, wearing a mask will definitely help in reducing the threat of this spreadable virus. But the number of cases till February could be 100 lacs..

Till today there are approximately 7548891 lakh cases of coronavirus reported in India out of this 770362 cases are active and 114687 deaths. Coronavirus spread is slowed down with the passing of time. This is really good news for INDIA. As our most supreme festival, Diwali is closer nowadays. It doesn’t mean to lose patience and forget about the precautions we used to defeat the virus. Only one mistake of us during the festival season can destroy several other lives too. Indian government and Indians both have been fighting with this virus for the last 8 months and now this is the final trimester we need to combat. Still, there are a number of people in India who don't want to wear masks or follow any safety rule against the coronavirus. If these handful of people understand the situations the war will be an easier task to win for us.

Festival season vs. coronavirus

Indians have a great charm for our most celebrated occasion “Diwali”. But this year this festival should be celebrated within some self-made boundaries for safety purposes. Even as everything comes under unlocked positions but there are hundreds of self-made precautions and ways to make ourselves safe and enjoy the festival.

Shopping for the festival is an extensive task. In this digital time every single thing from pin to plane available online to shop. So be a smart customer and citizen. Do online shopping and follow social distancing. Because without making these efforts the projections of slow down of the coronavirus would have failed. These projections were made by the commission of The science and technology department. While making these projections scientists and mathematicians have studied trends of the spreading systems of the virus and the precautions we are using. So people who are working for us day and night come to the conclusion of the declining level of this virus.

Unaccompanied people could change the good news into bad. Invocation to the people for making regular efforts to fight against the coronavirus.

The Indian government imposed a lockdown in the whole country. Most of us suffered a lot due to this lockdown. But this additional boundary today found positive results as opposed to this virus. In February India will get the “minimal” cases of coronavirus. Researchers tell that there is a hope to get a “vaccine” by March 2021.

Indians can get freedom again with their micro endeavors. So enjoy this Diwali with the hope of getting freedom sooner from the mask.


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