About Me

Hi everyone, I am Varsha Bhardwaj Parashar. I am a Woman, a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Daughter in Law, A Sister, A Sister in Law...Lolz...endless and an Inspiring Professional Travel Blogger.


I love to travel and explore new countries and places around the world. I am a planner to travel with family, you will read me making a budget for family travel across the world. You will find me making a plan from pin to plane and that's too affordable and luxurious. I am a Commerce Graduate and has an MBA in finance, I will be putting the complete skills that I learned to be your guide in planning your travel plans. A BUDGET TRAVEL PLAN with your FAMILY...!

For more exclusive ideas follow my blog on www.thevarsha.com. I try to be specific on my research for finding budget traveling options for Indian Families, so Stay connected for my recent web series blogs.